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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A to Z 2014 : ZIP-A-DEE-AY

(An A to Z 2014 Challenge Entry)

Sooooooo, I’m totally jacking this (or is it “jaking”?) from the Ladyfolk and Dyanne. At least partially. Desperate times call for desperate actions! That second, memorable line from the song totally gets the shaft, I’m sure, when it comes to headlining awesome blog entries like this! Nothing more but a passing “honorable mention” I would wager. Well not anymore! It’s your turn to shine Zip-A-Dee-Ay! Show them what you’ve got!

Okay, starting to get a bit weird…

It’s the final day (hour!) of the A to Z Challenge 2014! I just wanted to congratulate everyone who made it to the end and/or participated. It can get extremely grueling, especially after that first week and a half. So, if not being able to complete the challenge, don’t be so hard on yourself. There is always next year. That goes for all of us, if we didn’t learn our lesson the first, second, or fifth time around.

I also wanted to thank those of you who encouraged me to continue on, and who took the time to visit when having the ability to do so. Your comments, likes, and shares are much appreciated! I know I am still behind on many blogs, but I’m hoping to catch up now that the A to Z is over.

The idea of participating in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge 2014 was contemplated, but at the moment I think I’m passing. The original host I participated with last year doesn’t seem to be doing to this year. There are, however, multiple others that are hosting their own. We will see. Currently, it’s in discussion with the Ladyfolk.

I had originally planned another fiction piece, or a poem (as the ones from last year’s challenge were well received), but I didn’t have the time, and those definitely aren’t areas I wish to feel rushed in. So, a play on (or hijack of — or is that “hijak”?) the title some loved ones used for their final post it is! I’m sure they won’t mind.

I’m gentle…

And cuddly…

Did you complete and/or participate the A to Z Challenge 2014? If so, do you think you will participate again? If not, why? Any preparations and/or ideas for how to prepare for the event next year? Are you participating in (one of) the Blog Every Day in May 2014 Challenge? If so, which?

Congrats to those who participated in the A to Z this year, and again, a huge Thanks to those who followed along!


  1. Yay for finishing the challenge! Congrats! There wasn't a chance I could have even attempted it this year. How about we both start planning now for next year, so all our posts are written before April. We'll rock this challenge.
    Yeah, I don't see it happening either. :)

    1. Thanks, Christine! Yeah yeah yeah, I know >.< I've heard it all before haha. Maybe next year? I'm hoping so. Maybe not so far in advance, but maybe a month beforehand. That maaaaay be doable. Then all the time could be spent reading and commenting.

      Of course, like I mentioned, that was my plan for this year. I was, however, on hiatus, and who knows where I will be a month before the challenge a year from now...

  2. Wahoo! We made it. I think it is totally okay that you are jaking Dyanne and I. I mean we were on the exact same page for Y anyways. Besides, I may have played a part in cutting it close for you last night --wasn't my intention, but certainly was worth it. ;)

    I think it is safe to say we will be not doing a May challenge, but we should still keep up on writing. Doing the few poems that I did makes me want to get back to writing more. I love the word play. So maybe we go to a coffee shop, and you write your fiction and I write my poetry. Pretty soon we will have our office set up and you can write and I can paint. (And we will actually follow through!)

    As for next year, I think the key is in a theme, or pre-writing. We started off strong. Even if we wrote a post a couple of days ahead of time, it would save us some sanity! Less focus of writing the day of, and more focus on reading/commenting.

    1. YAY! We did! I will have to save my possible Z poem or fiction piece for another post. Cutting it close was definitely worth it.

      I suppose it's best to avoid the May challenge, but that will likely dip my writing/posting frequency. You are way way more ambitious than I when it comes to being motivated to write or the like. The only reason you haven't been able to pain, I feel, is the lack of necessary tools in your current space. We will see. Almost hit up the coffee shop yesterday to write, since we couldn't figure out anything to do.

      I will likely skip a theme again next year, because even when I have a planned post prior, I always end up changing it at the last minute. Writing beforehand, having posts prepped, would be very beneficial to focus more on the social aspect of the challenge I seem to fall away from around week 2.

  3. Congrats on making it!

    I was telling Kate I don't think I would have if most of my posts hadn't been pre-scheduled.
    For instance, V, X, Y, and Z weren't done ahead of time and I procrastinated like crazy and V and X were barely done on time..... ah. If I had done that the whole challenge, I'd have dropped out a while back.

    That said, I don't think I'll be up for it next year. I had wayyy too many folks jump on my blog, not even read my entry, and type in "good job" "good post" "just stopping by!". I wasn't expecting the zillions of people who weren't even trying, and it really exhausted me to try and keep up with that.

    But I'm really glad to've "met" you, Kate, and a handful of other bloggers. :D

    1. Thanks! Same to you as well, Raquel :-)

      I'm almost always riding that Midnight mark during challenges and blog hop events! Having them prepped beforehand would have been great. I told myself I'd do that, but alas...

      Well, I hope you don't rule it out already. Maybe see where things are at come next year. Each A to Z, but almost like any/everyday (just more frequent), you get people who swing by and don't actually read the post and comment very generically. They then leave their link, and it's all pretty much about attempting to gain followers, and is one-sided. This is a topic I will likely bring up on my Reflections post. It's fairly easy to single those individuals out, so you aren't overwhelming yourself trying to keep up with those who aren't actually fully participating.

      Mind you, it gets pretty hard for people to read so many blogs, especially depending on the lengths of other entries and their own, so I generally use May as a way to catch up if possible.

      Really glad I happened upon your blog and "met" you as well! Hopefully we will stay in touch beyond the A to Z!


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