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Sunday, May 4, 2014




The A to Z Challenge 2014 is official over, and I have been attempting to catch up on the many blog entries I missed. As well as some TToT posts I was too busy to read. I am fairly relieved I decided against joining a Blog Every Day in May event, despite how an absence of daily prompts may impact my writing frequency.

It may take me a few weeks to fully get caught up, and if I miss any specific posts you would like me to read that I may have missed, please post links in the comments below. For now, I will do my best to stay active with the TToT blog hop. The 50th post is coming in fast and hard, and there is no telling what could happen. I can’t miss that!

Now on to the Thankfulness:

  1. That I was able to complete the A to Z Challenge 2014!
  2. That the challenge is finally over!
  3. I’ve recently had some issues with ordering some gaming cards through a site, which is like a hub for a multitude of Sellers to list their product. Think eBay, in a way, but without the bidding. Just listing merchandise. I type in a card name, I get a list of all Sellers selling said card and for what condition and at what price. I’m Thankful that Sellers have refunded orders which have not been received in their listed condition (if arriving at all).
  4. That the main website offering this service has great customer service!
  5. Last week a friend and I walked around a lake (or what was once a lake…) and I was able to take some pictures in between conversation. I even rescued a balloon!
    This poor thing was abandoned...
    ...But I revived it! I left it fluttering in the wind until able to fully recover!
  6. While watching a movie trailer, I was introduced to a new song. This song, in my opinion, seems to encompass the essence of my After Armageddon WiP. Unfortunately, it’s not available on Spotify to add to my WiP playlists, so I’ve had to YouTube it over and over again. I plan on writing an entry specifically highlighting this song in the near future. I’m very Thankful for the inspiration it creates.
  7. I’m Thankful the Ladyfolk and I were able to find some awesome presents for her nephew's birthday! He wanted dinosaurs and dalmatians (an odd combination, I know), and we were able to deliver. The Ladyfolk found a sweet play box that transforms into a mat and came with two dinosaurs. Luckily another relative bought a tub of dinosaurs, so the two gifts were perfect. I just happened to have a huge stuffed dalmatian that I have had for years, and it seemed to go over really well!
  8. Going for a walk around the same swamp lake, mentioned earlier, with the Ladyfolk. I guess I love going there, because it’s where I spent a lot of time as a child. My brother, father, and I would ride bikes and walk around the trail all the time. I showed her a playground we would stop and play at, complete with a mock cannon, on many of our outings. We also went to see if my rescued balloon was still fluttering in the wind (see below).
  9. Hanging out with the Ladyfolk’s brother after our walk. It was kind of nice to be able to enjoy some time with him while there weren’t a million kids running around demanding attention. We got there just after the little ones had been put to bed.
  10. Seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier! While I felt the first movie was okay — albeit filler for The Avengers — I thought the sequel was badass. I loved the storyline, the action, the characters; pretty much everything! And we went to see it in 3D! I’d highly recommend it, if into the superhero movies, or just good action flicks. A bonus was seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers in 3D too! Freaking sweet! Don’t tell her I told you, but the Ladyfolk maybe drifted off in the middle of the movie… Shh… Mum’s the word!
My little balloon was apparently all growned up and set itself free!
Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! Do you have a favorite location you like to walk or go for a bike ride at? Have you seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet? If so, (avoiding spoilers) what did you think?


  1. sniff... its so bittersweet when the kids grow up... bon voyage little balloon!
    Customer service is the best when it works ... I think I am thankful for it everyday... also want to shoot others that stink but hey.... its not ten things of suckage!
    Is that what happens to lakes over time? I dont know really ....not sure how swamp vs lake works...

    1. I'm sure it's in a much better place now!

      So many companies have poor customer service that you really come to appreciate those that are superior in that department.

      Yeah, I don't know much about the process (sad being lakes are our thing...), but it appears to be the case! At least here lol

  2. Thanks for all your help with the kids' birthday presents. He loved the dalmatian!

    I loved our walk. We need to start creating new/better habits, and walking regularly is a good place to start.

    Glad we got to go see a movie. Looking forward to catching up on some, as well as going to see some more this summer.

    1. It's not prob :-) I love gift hunting!

      Walking is a great way to warm back up into a more rigorous routine.

      Yes, please.

  3. cool to go back (especially if there has been a significant intervening time period)... there is/can be a moment... of seeing backstage* when what you know a place likes and what it (currently) looks like...

    hey glad to see you back on the circuit, good to have another member of the Y Chrome contingency** to keep things...lively (we have a very new and very young agent in the office, which is great 'cause I get to hear some expressions in current usage among the younger peoples... he recently described a party that was... 'bumpin' liked the expression).

    *variable reality-wise
    ** yeah, a 'free' one joke-wise

    1. Hey, Clark, great to see you stopping by! I really need to get my ass back over to your blog.

      Hopefully you get your fill of youthful, hip phrases and new words usages! Also, bumpin' sounds pretty old school lol You know, sometimes all these fads, and popular words, music, seem to make their cycles and resurface into the spotlight. You may start hearing some expressions you used to hear during the Civil War*!

      Muahahaha! I have to admit, I do think I saw a 21k+ (or somewhere about) word entry during your A to Z I maaaaay be dreading getting to >.>

      *That's an age joke! :-p

    2. lol
      thats the thing about specialized/niche language, you only hear it by being in the niche…. yeah, I haven't try to incorporate 'bumpin' into my vocab…suspecting that fact (of it being new to me and the other residents in the 'But!-I-Don't-Really-Belong-Here! Retirement Creche…lol

      the coolest thing about us clarks, is the 'insanely-confident-in-our-use-of-languages' thing that we do…totally self-conscious about everything else and yet, be totally comfortable making words up and such… go figure

  4. Congrats on completing the challenge!!!



    1. Thanks, Val! Next year you will join for sure, right?!

  5. Sir Jak, hero of the TToT, Instigator of Naked With Cake, and Rescuer of Stray Balloons! What more could we want?

    I'm glad you had a fun week, and that the film was good, THERE'S A NEW X-MEN FILM COMING UP?!?!? WHERE ARE YOUR TUESDAY TRAILERS?! Goodness me, I feel out of touch now I don't have those to show me the way any more! I can't even remember the last time I went to the cinema! My cinema friend and I seem to be spending more time watching DVDs and jumping in and out of the wardrobes in Ikea than actually going to the movies any more!

    So, Jak - what are we doing for our 50th?

    1. *One Week Later*

      It was a good week. A bit less stressful than this last :-)

      This new X-Men movie looks pretty awesome! I think I posted it on a Trailer Tuesday post... soooooo yeeeeeep lol Maybe I forgot? I've contemplating starting those up again, I still watch them all the time. You should try to get out to the cinema. At least a few times this summer! I think there are a good handful of noteworthy movies coming out.

      What have you been watching on DVD? Wardrobe hopping?!

      Hmmm... the 50th... only a few weeks away...

  6. I'm so excited for X-Men even though I'm certain it will suck.

    I was a huge X-Men nerd as a kid. I even created my own mutant characters and wrote about them.

    Gorgeous list of gratitude!

    1. ACK! Sacrilege! It will be good! You wait and see :-) Did you like any of the other movies at all?

      That's cool! I created a lot of superheroes, but I don't think any of them were mutants, which is odd being how much I liked X-Men.

      Thank you, I'm glad you were able to stop by. Perhaps you could check out the hop (or perhaps you have and I've yet to see!).


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