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Sunday, May 11, 2014




It’s been a busy week and an even busier weekend. Or rather, it was a stressful week and a busy weekend. While having honest intentions of catching up on my reading (and responding to comments, for that matter), I had too much on my mind to focus on doing so. What was causing me so much stress, you ask? Was it an incredible career decision? No. Was it finding an amazingly spacious, yet affordable, new apartment for rent, which I have to arrange moving to? No. Well, what the freaking hell was it?

Deck building. Edit: The kind involving cards, not two-by-fours and a hammer. You're welcome, Dyanne!

Basically, debating on attending a major gaming tournament, and if so, what to play. That may be foreign to most of my reader base — deck building — but it’s pretty much the fundamental foundation of Magic: The Gathering. If you have no deck, you can’t play. Tournaments, naturally, call into play the necessity of building a good deck. What about a fun deck? Sure, fun too. But while building a deck you enjoy playing is important, you also want to build one that can win.

I went back and forth on attending the tournament, mainly due to the fact that I had no deck made to participate with. But alas, I could go on and on about that for hours. Instead, I will delve into the core reason you are visiting. Thankfulness!
  1. This Monday (Grandma Day) was a bit of a bummer since she wasn’t around most of the day. She had plans to get her hair done with my aunt, and they weren’t even back in the evening to watch our shows. I was Thankful, though, that the Ladyfolk and I were able to watch one of our shows with my father.
  2. I’m also Thankful my grandma was able to go out and get her hair done, even though I wish it was done on another day of the week!
  3. I’m assuming a large reason as to why they never made it back before the Ladyfolk and I left was because they went grocery shopping. It had been over a week since going, and I’m sure before they hit the grocery store they decided to grab some dinner. I’m glad she was able to finally buy some much needed necessities. Old (Grand)Mother Hubbard’s cupboards were bare.
  4. Once again, I am Thankful to have hung out with one of my good friends. He made a surprise visit and we engaged in our regular ritual of going out to eat Indian buffet, and walk around out swamp lake. It began to storm on our walk, which apparently scares the shit out of him. More precisely, the chance of being struck by lightning. The first roll of thunder sounded and that fucker was hauling ass down the path. I personally thought it was hilarious!
  5. That, despite my urges to not do so, I eventually registered for the Magic: The Gathering tournament this weekend. I registered 5 minutes before registry closed. See? My posts aren’t the only thing I do just under the wire. It’s a way of life, baby!
  1. I’m glad I eventually decided on a deck to play at the tournament.
  2. I’m very appreciative of friends who were able to borrow me the cards I needed to make the deck become a reality on such short notice. Also, that I was able to borrow cards out to those in need.
  3. That my brother gave me the special playmat the first 750 people to register (Friday) on-site got. I was under the belief that it meant the first 750 on-site Saturday. I have no idea why no one told me it was Friday, as it’s the main reason I mentioned countless times that I wanted to join the tournament — the mat, and a special foil promo card. It’s sweet he didn’t care much about the mat and gave it to me.
  4. That after a brutal start of going 0-3 (you needed to be X-2 to make it to the second day), meaning I was already out of any winnings, I decided to keep on playing. I thought about dropping out to participate in the multitude of side-events going on during the tournament, but that meant spending more cash. I then went on a 4 win streak! That was followed by a loss (in what I called the VIP section, behind a huge curtain, my round 8 games took place in). But then I finished up with a win, and ending on a positive 5-4 record. I believe the last Grand Prix tournament I participated I went 5-3-1. I’m getting better!
  5. I’m Thankful all of my opponents were extremely fun to play with. Sometimes you get people who are just a bit too serious about the game. I witnessed a few of those people engaged in games taking place next to mine. My sportsmanship was also complimented on, which I’m also very appreciative of! Sure, you want to win, but you also want to have fun attempting to do so!
Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! Have you ever participated in a tournament? If so, what was it? Were you nervous about participating in it?

I just wanted to add an additional huge super special Thank You to my Ladyfolk, who cleaned and baked while I was away at the tournament Saturday! She is awesome! And so are the brownies with strawberries! I bet she thought I wasn’t going to mention anything about it!

Pffft… Sucka...


  1. Okay, I thought you were building a deck with two-by-fours and a hammer. My bad! I think that would have been easier than the kind you really did build. Such complicated stuff! Glad you enjoy it so and did well.

    I think it's pretty cool that your Grandma goes gadding about, even though her timing may not be great.

    1. HA! I guess I never thought about it possibly meaning that...

      Edited for your reading pleasure!

      Thanks! And I am glad she gets out and about whenever she can! She loves it!

  2. Last Monday was a bummer, but like you, am glad grams was able to get some much needed errands in.

    I am so glad that you got a deck together and registered. I know you well enough that you would get it done --albeit under the wire--but like you said, there is no other way for you. I am glad you went and that you had fun. I am also glad that your brother was less of a jersey and gave you his mat.

    You know me so well, that sure enough, I skimmed your list before fully reading and didn't see my efforts in your list. I didn't get all in a huff puff but was pleasantly surprised that you gave me my own paragraph! AN additional huge super Thank You is awesome. Thanks babes. <3 Love you.

    Kate at Daily discovery

    1. This Monday will be different!

      Fuck, I'm so glad I didn't have to build an actual deck with 2-by-4s and a hammer! That will maybe make it to my list next week if I can remember! It was fun, and I would have regretted skipping it. He isn't always a big Jersey >.<

      I imagined your reading and being all "he didn't even mention me..." so I maybe had it all plotted out ahead of time... Of course I'm Thankful for all you do!

  3. I'm with Dyanne! I thought you were building a wooden deck and I was getting ready to ask you to come over and fix mine up because I'm having no luck getting my husband to do it! But since it wasn't, I'll say that I'm glad you registered and played. Sounds like you're pretty pleased with how you did, playing and attitude.Being a good sport is pretty damn important. When others aren't it sucks a little of the fun right out of things.
    I love that you're back....I'm a little (okay, a lot behind on my reading!) but am catching up slowly. I'll happily add you to the list!

    1. Yeah lol I thought it best to clarify! I could see how some people may think that, unless familiar with some of my gaming posts in the past. I hope you are somehow able to get your hubby on that deck-building! I bet I'd get him to participate in my style of deck building over yours, though.

      I am definitely pleased with my comeback. Losing the first 3 games, which I of course joked about happening with my friends and brother happening, was a bit disheartening. Walking away with another positive record is nice. All about the fun attitude. There was only one guy the entire day who was a douche. This reminds me, since knowing the even organizer secondhand, on proper process of dealing with someone like that.

      No worries! I'm so far behind, you will probably beat me lol Anything is appreciated :-)

  4. I knew is wasn't a deck deck. You don't seem like a deck-building kind of guy. :). (I know very few deck-building kind of guys.)
    Glad you enjoyed yourself at the tournament.

    1. Hey hey hey now... I'm good with my hands!

      I'm glad too. It was a lot of fun, and definitely one of those experiences I would regret missing. Chances are I will go through the same hubdrub come the next large event. It won't be for another year or two, though. We will see.

  5. Yay, updates! There is something magical about building a deck. Last time I did one of those tournaments they gave you a pack of cards and some foil packs and made you build it on the spot from those. Terrifying!

    1. Hmm kind of updates... I love deck building, but I've barely done any in the past 3 years. At least with my own cards, which I had no choice but to use for this tournament.

      I believe you are describing a sealed draft/event. I believe you get 5-6 packs, open them, and build a deck on the spot with the card pool you receive. They had those kinds of events as side events at the tournament. I find that to be mind-wracking, because I am so indecisive and take way too long to build a decent deck.

      It's pretty awesome to see you drop by! Miss you, and hope you and the fam have been doing great!

  6. Have I asked you before whether you EDH? Cos I have an awesome Nicky B deck with lots of blue tricksy (best win combo EVER: Spin into Myth/Tunnel Vision - BOOM!) and a Merieke deck which is less high powered but funny.

    Glad you got the mat :D And YAY on your score.

    1. Maybe last year, but at that time I was wasn't into it at all. Maybe even hated it. This is because of a "mechanic" or name given to an action called Tucking. Since then I've slowly become more open to playing the format. I still haven't built my own deck, but my friends have anywhere 5-10 of their own builds so it's very easy to use one of theirs for a session.

      I'm assuming Nicky B is Nicol Bolas? Haha is that the nickname? Never seen Merieke used, but seems like it would be an interesting general.



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