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Sunday, May 18, 2014




I’m hoping that my last post wasn’t too emo, but it comes with the territory of being EmoJak. I’ve a reputation to uphold. That being said, though, I want to make sure it was clear that I would be continuing blog series like Trailer Tuesday, and blog hops like the TToT. So I’m not completely disappearing just quite yet.

I don’t really have a full intro like I usually do, and the clock is ticking before Midnight strikes, so let’s get to the Thankful.

  1. I’m Thankful for a busy schedule. I didn’t get everything done on my list, far from it, but I still kept myself occupied for the better part of the week. What are some things I did? Those just happen to be a few things I’m Grateful for…
  2. First, finally completing and posting Saying Goodbye. It had been in the works for months. I just never felt like it was the right time to revisit it, until last week. It’s done, it’s up, and I can move on to another topic. For another time.
  3. Being able to go up to the coffee shop where I originally began writing again in 2012. It was where the original NaNo group would meet up on Thursdays in November. The baristas (and customers) have always been nice there, even with their changing of the guard over the last year. I hope to continually frequent it, as I’ve found I can write more readily when in that space. I was even able to meet up with an old friend there too! Double Thankful!
  4. My S Health app. The Ladyfolk and I have begun to use this app as we attempt to better manage our health. We can keep track of exercise regiments, calorie intake/burning, and set goals. It has an expansive database, which I never knew a free app would offer, so I’m fairly impressed. I’ve already noted how we’ve become more mindful of what we decide to eat for any given meal.
  5. That I understand that it’s a slow process to eating healthier and creating a more active, choice-conscious lifestyle. Some days you will meet your goals, while other days…
You can customize meals. 9999 was the highest calorie intake (per serving) you could make, though I forgot I could go up to 4 servings!
  1. That S Health is so kind as to offer some sound, no-shit-Sherlock, advice.
  2. For the walks that the Ladyfolk and I have started to take. We try to go every night, and so far we have been really good about it. It can sometimes take a bit to convince her to go, though. Sometimes even harder to convince her to go on one of our long routes. To be fair, though, most of this hesitation stems from her experiencing various pains in different parts of her body. She powers through anyway!
  3. Getting to go out to garage and estate sales! I love it! This week was apparently a popular week for used golf equipment and Precious Moments figurines. It was hard not to but the figurines, because I have always associated them with being really valuable, but it turns out there is quite a large flux in pricing. Also, I much prefer they have original packaging, which these did not.
  4. This weekend was a big birthday event weekend. Multiple friends were having parties, but I wasn’t able to make them all. I ended up going to the first (and closest) I was invited to. I’m very Thankful that, at the last minute, I came across everything I wanted to give as a gift. I was bummed when I couldn’t find the very specific item I wanted, even online, throughout the week. I think it went over well, and wish I had taken a picture of my card sentiment to share, but it hadn’t crossed my mind to do so. It was a great night of grilling, random music, and swapping stories.
  5. Art-A-Whirl. This weekend was also host to a huge open-studio art tour event. I had heard of it — considering it takes place, literally, in my backyard — but never attended. The Ladyfolk had before, and loves it, so we walked up to a local establishment to check out some of the displayed arts and crafts. There was plenty of it! She visits one artist’s work each year, and it was by far some of the most impressive pieces that I saw featured. Attempting to do it justice through words just wouldn’t cut it. We took a handful of pictures, and I’m not sure if the Ladyfolk is sharing any during her TToT post, but I may on Wednesday.
Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! Do you use any health apps and/or programs to keep track of your diet and exercise progress? If so, which, and what do you think of them? Any recommendations on some free ones? Are you a garage sale lover? Have you ever found anything of value for bargain prices? Have you ever attended an art event/tour?


  1. Dude, I am so glad to know that you aren't riding ALL the way off into the sunset. But even if you were- I gotta say, I totally get it. Like, you only have 24 hours in a day, and you really have to think hard about how you want to spend them, and what's worth your while. Promise me you won't give up on the writing front, and I will demand nothing more!

    1. Hey Tex! Thanks for the visit :-) I generally have a lot of spare time, but as mentioned, I budget it very VERY poorly. Not sure how to fix that heh

      Also, I make no promises! I haven't touched my fiction piece in over a year!

  2. I am so glad you have been able to get to the coffee shop and the garage sales. All good things. And I am glad the the S Health app seems to be working out for us, if anything to give up a good ballpark range of where we need to be.

    I am glad you enjoyed our mini trip to Art-a-Whirl, especially that one artist. I love his work. Next year, muahahaha, next year, we will hit up way more.

    Kate at Daily discovery

    1. The coffee shop is the one place I seem to be able to focus on my writing. Very little distractions and I feel like that is solely what I'm there to do.

      You may begin to regret the garage sales soon enough! Muahahaha!

      I'd definitely like to go again and check out more artists. Need to go earlier in the day and maybe not the last day of.

  3. Art shows are always wonderful. I love seeing what local talent there is, and there's always the possibility of a bargain.

    As to an app - I use MapMyRun online, but I don't while my knee's busted, and it sits in my bookmarks bar, taunting me, which SUCKS. But there you have it - there's little I can do about that until I'm healed.

    Glad you finished that piece. It was a bit harrowing, because I know how it can be when these groups lose impetus, and you think you were into a good thing and then everyone wanders off. It's hard and upsetting and definitely makes me think twice about being part of them in future.

    In other news, your Real Life sounds like it's going brilliantly.

    1. It's great seeing local talent. Some of the pieces were simply amazing. Unfortunately, there were no bargain deals with my favorite artist lol Mucho buckos for his stuff.

      MapMyRun? I don't think I've heard of it. I believe I've heard of an app or program called Couch to 5k? And one (if different) where you can pretend zombies are chasing you?

      How long do they say before your knee is healed?

      Yeah, it just seems to be the cycles of life, to an extent. I've found at my age that it's hard to make and keep new friends. But it really just depends on everyone involved. I'm still really good friends with a guy I met at a garage sale almost two years ago or so. I feel I'm pretty simple to make friends with. It's just other shit that mucks it up.

      RL is definitely chugging along!

  4. hey! what are the odds? I got on a 'gots-to-get-healthier' kick just recently… god! I hate running/walking, so terribly boring, but I find that keeping a simple routine has worked, i.e. I walk out of the house every weekday morning at six and follow a 2 mile path… all I have to do is get home.
    sounds like you guys got yourselfs a good routine as well, plus that app there…
    (we expect you to stay hanging out at the TToT… you both add to this weekend event.

    1. It's never too late to make the change for a better, healthier lifestyle! Unless you are 6 feet under... or eaten by a Hannibal sort... or... placed in the walls by a serial killer... or... yeah, you get the point.

      I actually really like walking (even running), but I hate to do so alone. Though, just today I took our smaller 2 mile path alone, which was okay. There were people and animals I passed to say hi to.

      Not sure of this event, but obviously I've yet to do my rounds (for the last 3 weeks...) as I'm just now getting to commenting!

      Glad you are doing your walks and so far successfully avoiding getting lost!

  5. Did you aim for 7,779 fewer calories the next day? What the hell did you EAT that you nearly hit 10,000?
    I am relieved that you will still be doing the TToT, because your Saying Goodbye post really did make me sad.
    Glad the coffee shop is conducive to writing for you.
    Art a Whirl sounds like something that would make one nauseous, but apparently, the opposite is true. I love the way your Ladyfolk gets your sorry behind out of the house and gets you to do fun things!

    1. HAHA! Cripes, Dyanne, I didn't hit 10k calories, I'm not a Hoover! :)~ Actually 10k may not be that hard to hit heh so much crap is so bad for you. I just customized the meal to the highest number I could, because we were at a friend's BBQ BDay party and knew we were eating a ton of stuff we shouldn't be (I more so then her).

      I hope you didn't get too sad! I still haven't made my rounds, but am trying to post every weekend, and Tuesday, if nothing else.

      The coffee shop is very much so. I am trying to go there twice a week now, if able.

      Lol you don't have to spin around, and most don't unless they've been drinking. So I suppose you may become a little nauseous...

      The Ladyfolk kept asking if I had read your comment here yet, and I hadn't, but she wouldn't tell me what it was and was just snarky and sassy about it and now I know why!

      For the record, I'm the one that gets her behind out the door in the evenings to go for our walks, which can be much easier said than done! :-) lol And walking is FUN! In fact, I just WENT for a WALK and had a BLAST! YOU KNOW, I THINK I WANT TO GO FOR ANOTHER! GAH!


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