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Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Okay, okay, okay… two weeks of full-blown, testosterone-induced, CGI-heavy action/adventure trailers may be a bit much for some. I promised this week I would focus on some other genres, so most of today’s trailers are of upcoming comedies. This isn’t to say they are completely devoid of shooting, explosions, and people acting all badass.

Just to note, some of the trailers are Red-Band, so be cautious if for some reason you may find the contents offensive, or are in the presence of young ones. Also, they aren’t all comedies, that would just be silly…

A Million Ways to Die in the West - RED-BAND Trailer - (5/30/2014):

I love Family Guy and I loved Ted, so I feel it’s a safe bet that I will really like this movie. It’s interesting to see how Seth MacFarlane is transitioning in the movie industry. I wondered why it had taken so long for him to direct a movie. Then after seeing him host the Oscars, I was curious as to why the hell he wasn’t acting. I hadn’t ever seen him before, and I don’t know why, but I guess I assumed he may look a lot like, well, Peter Griffin from Family Guy. He certainly does not!

I don’t have a man-crush, but I’m just saying he is a handsome guy. Why the hell had he been hiding from the cameras, sticking to voice-overs for years on end? Weird. Anyhow, I guess now he has taken that next step and I’m really interested in seeing the results. I hope it does well!

Having Liam Neeson and Neil Patrick Harris on board definitely sweetens the pot. This is one comedy I think I’d actually be interested in seeing right away, if having the chance.

The Rover (6/20/2014):

In one of my earlier TToT posts, I mentioned discovering a song for the first time, and it connecting with me and a WiP on a very strong level. It is the one featured in this trailer. I’m uncertain if the song is actually used in the movie, as many times trailer songs are separate from those featured in a film’s soundtrack, but it would appear to be fitting.

I also recently mentioned Guy Pearce (Memento) in my last Trailer Tuesday. I’m not too familiar with Pattinson beyond Water for Elephants, so I’m interested in his performance with this role.

As for the movie itself, the scene where Pearce is sitting by the window as the car crashes just outside it is what hooked me. Originally, I thought that was setting the mood of the film. A world so torn and desolate — lost — that occurrences like that are the norm. Everyone is completely desensitized to it. I felt it said a lot about the world we were being introduced to (and maybe it still does), but after a second viewing I feel it is telling us everything about Pearce’s character. He is the one so lost and dead inside that he is uncaring and unresponsive to such events.

Either way, I am excited to find out. I think Guy Pearce is a great actor, and I’m sure his broody, defeated performance will be one that sticks with me after viewing the film. It feels like a potentially powerful film. That, or the trailer has successfully tricked me!

Hopefully I get the chance to see this in theaters.

Tammy (7/2/2014):

I thought Melissa McCarthy was hilarious in Bridesmaids (yes, I watched it! If you haven’t, you should too!) and also is in Mike & Molly. I’ve missed out on a handful of her newest performances like The Heat (starring alongside Sandra Bullock) and Identity Theft (with Jason Bateman), so I should get to seeing those. I can’t say I want to see this movie before it hits RB/NF, though. I’m sure she is great in it, and the supporting cast looks really solid, but nothing immediately pulls me in. I’m not sure, but I worry about the character being so similar to others she has played; being typecast or the like. I may be wrong, but I’d rather wait until it’s out of theaters to find out.

Let’s Be Cops - RED-BAND Trailer - (8/13/2014):

There isn’t much for me to say about this movie, except that I think it looks hilarious. Of course, I’m really hoping that the trailer doesn’t blow all the funniest parts of the movie, which many are prone to do. I’m unfamiliar with the lead actors, but their dynamic and chemistry seems to be great. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this in the theaters, but admittedly, only for the cheap viewing.

The Equalizer (9/26/2014):
NOTE: This was the only video on YouTube featuring the trailer. I'll update it when more are available.

Speaking of actors playing similar characters repeatedly over time… This is Denzel Washington, once again, playing a role he is very familiar with. One he could do, and maybe even does (when hiding behind his shades), with his eyes closed. A badass. Heck, he could probably just and stare at the camera for two hours and still be a badass. I’d probably pay to watch it!

This is a movie based on a television series that I’m not familiar with. I’ve read up on it some, and it seems it was pretty popular. One I may enjoy even, though I’m not sure it’s aged well.

The premise of the movie seems simple enough: A retired badass goes out of the way to help those not schooled as well in badassary, who have found themselves in a tough situation that calls for a real badass to get them out of it. That badass, of course, is Denzel Washington!

And this time he tracks the time of his own badassdom! Fuck, sign me up, it looks badass!


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (10/10/2014):

So, according to the Ladyfolk, this is based on a children’s book. One I’ve never heard of, and have absolutely no emotional attachment to. She, on the other hand, says it was one of her favorites! It looks like a cute family comedy. I like Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner, but it definitely seems very slapstick/campy.

BUT, naturally, if the Ladyfolk is wanting to see this on the big screen I am more than happy to do so. Lord knows she has been forced willing to see many movies that appeal specifically to my tastes and not her own.

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Do you have a favorite Comedy movie and/or comedian? If so, which, and why? Beyond Denzel Washington, what other performers do you feel can pull off being such badasses in their roles? Are you familiar with The Equalizer television series? Have you ever heard of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? If so, is it one of your favorite children’s books? Are you excited for the movie?

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