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A to Z 2014 Banner

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So that part about being back on track this week for my posts hasn’t exactly been coming to fruition. For the moment, I’m going to just post the trailers I would like to share today and add the blurbs in periodically when having time to do so.

Tonight is another mix of genres and I even throw in a game trailer! It’s been some time since doing that, but I really think the trailer is exceptional. Check it out!

Sunday, June 22, 2014



Considering someone (who will go unnamed, but you know who you are!) threw me under the bus earlier this afternoon, I thought it would be best to attempt getting in a blog hop entry within the timeline of the link-up specifically designated for it. Not, you know, a full week later.

I had some other posts to finish up first, and so I am — once again — cutting it close to the deadline. Thankfully, the deadline isn’t set to my timezone, so I get a few extra hours of leeway. At least to get this sucker linked up. Only thirty minutes to my own personal Midnight deadline. Thank goodness I have those awesome post placeholders!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Only two five days late. That’s not too bad. Not like my last TToT Blog Hop post still in the works. We won’t talk about that, though. We will start off with a couple of movies opening this week, followed by a mixed viewing. Hopefully there will be something that catches your eye. Next week I plan to be more on track.

Sunday, June 15, 2014



It’s Thursday and I’m actually writing my TToT ahead of time! Or at least, I’m trying too. I’ve been up at the coffee shop for roughly two hours and this is all I have managed to type. Three sentences. Four. Five. Those are fragments, not sure they should count. I’ve been overly tired all day, so much so that my eyes hurt, even though I swear I got some good sleep. Maybe not as many hours as I should have, but…

Okay, I’m rambling. On to the Thankful.

Sunday, June 8, 2014



So the… Frist... Birthday (and 50th non-Renegade post) celebration is over (at least for some, I’m still making rounds), and it’s back to business as usual. That’s not entirely true. Most participants of the TToT blog hop are always active and keeping up on the community front amongst one another. Party time 24/7. As long as there is cake, and the chance (regardless of how slim) that going pantless is acceptable, I’m game!

Short and quick this week. I still have a ton of catching up to do.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today’s Trailer Tuesday may as well be an “opening this week” post. Four of the six featured trailers are of movies (supposedly) hitting theaters this Friday. Then again, perhaps the theme is more along the lines of independent films. Some have a very “direct to DVD/Blu-Ray” feel to them, but that is generally something I’m basing more on the trailer quality than anything else.

Mixed in is a movie I think looks really good, though I may be a bit biased about the lead actor, and I’m guessing if you follow along you know which one it is. There seems to be a few gems here, but not many I would go see in the theater. Just the one.

Sunday, June 1, 2014



It’s finally here! The 50th TToT post has arrived! Not only that, but amidst a 2 week holiday break, there were some Renegade posters. So not only does this weekend mark the big 5-0, but also the 1st Year Anniversary! Birthday. Whatever… I remember my very first post TRAMPLED BY THANKFULNESS as though it were just yesteryear...

Holy crap, that is some craziness right there, no? For an entire year, many of you (I took a few months hiatus) took to the challenge of berating your mind in hopes of coming up with a short list of ten things that you were Thankful for during the week.

For some, it hasn’t been too difficult, but I’d guess the majority ran into some hiccups along the way. Whether you are new or an old-timer (Christine) to the 10 Things of Thankful (TToT) Blog Hop, congratulations to everyone who has participated over the past year! It’s such a great thing, and as many have found, over time a community/family developed. I feel that is the most important part. The best part. Aside from actually being Thankful.

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