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Sunday, June 1, 2014




It’s finally here! The 50th TToT post has arrived! Not only that, but amidst a 2 week holiday break, there were some Renegade posters. So not only does this weekend mark the big 5-0, but also the 1st Year Anniversary! Birthday. Whatever… I remember my very first post TRAMPLED BY THANKFULNESS as though it were just yesteryear...

Holy crap, that is some craziness right there, no? For an entire year, many of you (I took a few months hiatus) took to the challenge of berating your mind in hopes of coming up with a short list of ten things that you were Thankful for during the week.

For some, it hasn’t been too difficult, but I’d guess the majority ran into some hiccups along the way. Whether you are new or an old-timer (Christine) to the 10 Things of Thankful (TToT) Blog Hop, congratulations to everyone who has participated over the past year! It’s such a great thing, and as many have found, over time a community/family developed. I feel that is the most important part. The best part. Aside from actually being Thankful.

Is everyone gone now? How did that look? Pretty convincing? Because aside from all the above (which is all heartfelt and true and rainbows and lolli-fucken-pops), I was almost dead set on not participating. I have no idea what’s been going on, but I’ve been off lately. Wonky or whatever. I started off extremely excited and had plans for a cake display and everything. Then today (Sunday) hit and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Finally, two hours before the Midnight mark, I rebounded ever so slightly and am making my attempt at sharing what I’ve been Thankful for over the past week. There was actually quite a bit, so don’t go thinking I had an incredibly shitty week. Definitely not the case. Today was just a hell of a mopey day.

I’m not going to lie, I wanted to list 50 things, but there is no way I would finish on time. I likely won’t with just 10, so there is the chance I will be utilizing my infamous A to Z Challenge “Coming Soon” placeholder cheat.* And hopefully I remember to add my post to the link-up, which I had forgot to do last weekend.

  1. First (not Frist!), it seems only appropriate to Thank Lizzi for coming up with this blog hop! It’s been so long, but I believe it was an idea inspired by her own personal challenge, which she then adapted into a weekly blog hop. I’m sure it went along the lines of: Wow this is a bitch to do sometimes… I wonder if I can get others to endure the same. Misery loves company, amirite?! Then: I bet I can sucker some unsuspecting individuals of the Blogosphere to be my personal blog hop slaves. I shall call them Co-Hosts! Muahahahahahahahaha! Pretty sure that’s about spot on… Anyhow, Thanks Lizzi! Thanks for MAKING me have to Feel Thankful when all I want to do is Feel Shitty! So Rude! GOSH! <3 But seriously, Thanks.
  2. I’m Thankful that I have been able to participate in this blog hop for nearly all of it’s entirety. I had one catch up post during the A to Z Challenge 2014 (okay... okay... and more throughout the year…), but somehow I’ve been moderately consistent. I couldn’t have done it without the support of friends and family! The people met during the past year are all amazing in their own right and I’m very lucky to have met them.
  3. So therefore, I’m Thankful for all of you! You know who you are (Why yes, yes I am pulling a Dyanne, now piss off!), I would hate to attempt listing everyone and accidently leaving someone out. I still remember how Sad Panda I was when Lizzi did that to me… I got my revenge by being one of the first (not frist!) to post a comment on said entry! Muahahahaha! It’s the little things in life...
  4. That it only took up to Clark’s entry on Lizzi’s 50th/Frist Birthday post for me to realize that the comments in parentheses followed by “-L]” actually meant it was Lizzi, and that she was making commentary on their contributions. I have no freaking idea why it took me that long, but I honestly thought they were some odd attempts at a smiley face/emoticon that I was completely unfamiliar with, that was afflicted with some sort of disease. Maybe I blocked out that first bracket each time? It’s embarrassing to admit, but you know, whatever. I finally got it, though! Just… don’t ask. Or talk about it. Ever.
  5. I’m Thankful that while I have had some apparent deep-rooted issue with “frist” from the very first moment I encountered it via comments on Christine’s blog, that I don’t let it completely ruin my day. I do, however, actually make active notes in my drafts like such:
  1. I was able attend the Ladyolk’s niece’s gymnastics event/show. It was full of lil tykes — mostly — having a blast, as they showed their parents and audience all the skills they have learned throughout the class. Her niece was adorable. She would always catch herself if making a mistake, like forgetting a specific stance, and had some awesome dismount abilities! I hope she continues to take gymnastic classes. It would be great to see how far along she advances throughout the years. I got a few pictures, but I’m not ever fully comfortable with using pictures (or names for that matter) of people without direct consent. And hell, not even fully then. I will leave that up to the Ladyfolk!
  2. The Ladyfolk and I made a purchase together for a little piece of equipment that may, or may not, assist in our art endeavors. It’s been something I’ve wanted for well over a year now, but haven’t ever pulled the trigger on it. Having someone go halfsies definitely makes it easier. Hopefully I will actually use it, unlike the still new and unused webcam and microphone I bought last year.
  3. Seeing Godzilla in 3D! It was a really good movie. A bit different than I expected, but it was on a positive note. I really liked the direction that was taken in unfolding the storyline. I’d recommend seeing it. As for 3D? Possible take it or leave it. I enjoyed it a lot, but I swear that the trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction had a million times more “in your face” 3D action than in the entire two hour run of Godzilla!
  4. I’m Thankful that the Ladyfolk’s car, which decided to take it’s own joyride, didn’t hit and/or kill any pedestrians, and/or maim any cats or squirrels! We are bringing it into the shop tomorrow to find out what’s going on, and I hoping it’s an easy/cheap fix, but you know how that goes. Mechanics. Pfft. Thieves! I really hope they can figure out what happened. I mean, cars should just randomly roll backwards when parked on a slight incline, right? Never happened before, and she parks there all the time. I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t happen…
  5. Truly Thankful for the Ladyfolk! She is always there for me when feeling down, wonky, or whatever. She is a bit hard on herself if she isn’t able to directly help in some fashion. She takes “help” to mean “fix” I think, but sometimes that’s not possible. All the help that is sometimes needed is for someone to be there in times of need. Today was one of those times. Thank you, love!

And a bonus Thankful for Thankfulness! Without it, the world would be an even darker, scarier, shittier place to live in.

Oh right, Cake:
Why yes, that is a Cheez-It 50 and a cookie Heart, Thanks for noticing!

Yep, pretty much 80% of that cake has already fallen victim. I had to work with what I had. We, technically. Though, if any artist displays a similar masterpiece, they are clearly a thief of my genius!

We will see if I can't feature my original cake idea this upcoming Wednesday.

*Nope! Made it! Kind of...

Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! How long have you been participating in the 10 Things of Thankful blog hop? Did you do anything special for the 50th/1 Year Anniversary?

HAPPY FRIST *shivers coldly* BIRTHDAY TToT!


  1. lol (tell me you can't see this coming a mile a fricken way)…. F…

    nah, got here accidentally (coming across your Post via another path than working through the other posts) cannot not, in good conscious claim frist (hey! nice work with your spell check…it resists the typing of the word).
    glad you participated. and….and!! I/we* know how you feel/felt, and congrats on giving that (aspect) of our worldview the total damn slip, at least enough to participate. Nice work.
    Good to have had your participation and/or input in the course of the year past, and yes, agree that writing one of these grat lists is not as easy as it looks.
    (of course, you could simply get in the habit of turning the steering wheel completely in one direction when parking so that if it takes off, you will come back to see the car making little loops like a rapidograph!)

    * meaning clarks, of course, it's all in that there Doctrine there

    1. Of course you got Frist >.<

      It seems crazy I never replied to these, but I had apparently become pretty bad at it during the "End Times"

      As you can tell, and know first-hand, sometimes the worldview wins! It was always a great time and pleasure to join in on the festivities when I could convince myself to do so :)

  2. Awww NUTS! Clark got Frist on your post!

    I LOVE love love love how GRUMPY you are about the Thankfulness. And the Frist (that was Clark's fault though - he started it and we ran with it. and then it seemed TOO funny not to have a Frist Birthday) but the TToT is all mine. Just because I wanted company (not misery) in finding the thankfuls cos I know it's a DAMN GOOD THING TO DO.

    But not as damn good as your cake. Though...is there any chance, sir, that those cookies are hiding the writing of a certain ladyfolk? Cos that tray looks remarrrrrkably similar to one I've just seen on another blog :D

    SO glad you're here for this one, Jak. That's awesome. Happy Frist Birthday, because you HAVE been an important part of this community, even if you've been in absentia for a while, recently :)

    1. No worries, Lizzi, his cookies are not hiding any writing. I did mine after his! :)

      I agree that he IS an important part of the community. Every time he lapses, people miss him. And that alone speaks mountains.

    2. HA! It's been so long, but I do believe I was quite the grump. I was definitely not feeling up to posting. I had these elaborate plans I was going to do, and then came up with this at the last minute, because I procrastinated so long.

      I'm glad that the TToT has continued it's run from it's inception! It's a good thing for people to partake in, especially when feeling down.

      As the Ladyfolk said, I had first dibs at our meager attempts to participate in cake fashion! She just generally posts first :) I'm slow. As if this reply isn't enough proof of that..

      Thank you for your heartwarming sentiment even if I have been "absentia" for a while before being able to enjoy it!

  3. Rumor has it I was supposed to comment first to avoid any crazy 1st shenanigans.

    I loved the snarky humor in this post, as you could undoubtedly tell based of me laughing as I read it the first time.

    I am excited to play around with the Intuos tablet. We should really fire up Big Bertha to see if we can get her to move a bit faster.

    So glad we got to see Godzilla! And I am also glad I stayed awake the entire time!

    I just try to be helpful, and even when being there is all I can do at the time, always know if you need me to do more, I will. But thank you, thank you, for your very kind words.AND THANK YOU for being by my side in times of need, and ya know, speaking for me when I am so mad all I can do is create nonsensical statements. I love you babe.

    1. That was a fail, by the way!

      We really need to make better use of our new art programs and toys. They have been sitting idle for ages now...

      I always appreciate when you are able to remain awake during a movie >.>

  4. I'm with Lizzi. You took the grumpy route to thankful, but at least you made it!
    I wouldn't have met you if it hadn't been for the TToT, and Clark wouldn't have been able to quote "Jack and Diane" all the time. STILL NOT DRIBBLING OFF THOSE BOBBY BROOKS JEANS.
    I LOVE the phrase "pulling a Dyanne"! And seriously, there's no way to list every one without leaving out some one. No way.
    I think it's cute that you enjoyed the gymnastics exhibition.
    Plug in the web cam already.
    It would be funny that the Ladyfolk's car took its own joyride if it weren't so scary! Glad no one was hurt.
    Cheez-its, vanilla wafers and leftover cake? That works!

    1. Yeah, it's been so long, but I recall this was a close call. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen.

      It's true, and I am glad I was able to meet you through the TToT. It's a shame I don't do the blogging thing anymore really, but at least there is FB to keep in touch!

      As for the Bobby Brooks... let's just say I'm a keen believer in Time and Patience ;-)

      I have used the webcam officially once, during my Extra-Life 24 Hour Gaming Marathon Fundraiser! It has since been tucked back away lol Someday... maybe...

      Hey, at the time, that leftover cake was all we had to work with. We were lucky there was even that!


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