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Sunday, June 22, 2014




Considering someone (who will go unnamed, but you know who you are!) threw me under the bus earlier this afternoon, I thought it would be best to attempt getting in a blog hop entry within the timeline of the link-up specifically designated for it. Not, you know, a full week later.

I had some other posts to finish up first, and so I am — once again — cutting it close to the deadline. Thankfully, the deadline isn’t set to my timezone, so I get a few extra hours of leeway. At least to get this sucker linked up. Only thirty minutes to my own personal Midnight deadline. Thank goodness I have those awesome post placeholders!

For those who have commented over the past week or two, I am getting around to replying. Generally, they are a priority to me, but I’ve been pretty absent from my blog during this period. It’s awesome you take the time to read and comment, and as I’ve said probably a few hundred times since I’ve begun blogging, I greatly appreciate it!
  1. With that being said, I’m very Thankful for my readers and commenters. Sometimes I miss out on a lot of the sparring back and forth during these blog hops, so that sucks, but I like to get some of my wittiness out now and again! This seems to mostly take place on Facebook for some reason. I should attempt to bring that more to The Cryton Chronicles. That would make sense… So, thank you everyone for taking the time to visit, read and/or comment, and joke around with me.
  2. I’m Thankful that this week went by fast!
  3. The Ladyfolk has been really busy with some work related business, but managed to take a few days off. One of which was to participate in some grueling garage sale hunting! I’ve been going out weekly when able now. Thursdays mostly, but there is a slow steady shift towards Wednesdays. Soon there will just be garage sales all day every day! I’d be okay with that.
  4. Finding great deals at garage sales! Some of which I will highlight below!
  5. Games. Some of you may recall I recently purchased a mass quantity of card/board games. Most of these are more modern/Euro. I rarely see them anywhere but specialty/large game shops and/or Craigslist ads (which is where I got my last batch). This weekend, though, I found a garage sale where the host was selling multiple, older games of this nature. For 5$ each, we felt you couldn’t go wrong! Now... to find a place for them…
  1. Magic. Yes, I believe in Magic. Magic: The Gathering. Pfft… hello! I came across a small collection for sale about a week or so ago, and there were a ton of cards (if you can believe it) that I haven’t ever owned. Despite my overflowing cardboard obsession, there have been large chunks of time I’ve not played/collected. This leads to missing out on a vast amount of printed product. Some of the older stuff I will likely never own, but hopefully I can fill the gaps over time as best I can. I was Thankful for coming across this collection.
  2. The Ladyfolk and I came across a digital art pad, a Bamboo Fun, for pretty dirt cheap this weekend. It’s kind of funny because we just bought the mega version of it (in comparison) just two weeks ago. This will be a great additional accessory and is extremely more transportable compared to the giant art pad we just purchased. The software alone was worth the price paid. I believe the Ladyfolk is highlighting this item in her post. She was taking pics of it earlier.
  3. Free money! With some deliberation (and some convincing), I have this thing about not buying clothing for myself at either garage sales or thrift shops, I bought two pair of jeans and a pair of shorts. Before heading out to some social events we had schedules, I decided to check if they even fit. When doing so, out of habit, I make sure all the pockets — front and back — aren’t bunched up and smoothed out, if that makes any sense. In the front pocket of the shorts was a twenty dollar bill! Score! This went promptly into a card for one of the mentioned social events we had scheduled for the evening.
  4. Attending the graduation party for the Ladyfolk’s cousin. I don’t exactly feel qualified to highlight the extra special circumstances of this, but hopefully she did, or will, at some point. It was a lot of fun seeing her family. The kids, all in their own ways, were hilarious as usual! Can’t ever go wrong with free food and drink either!
  5. Attending the Ladyfolk’s friend’s BBQ. I still feel fairly uncomfortable around some of her friends, but there are a handful I’ve warmed up to. Or have they warmed up to me? Hmm… Either way, it was a lot of fun talking and hanging out with most of them, playing some weird golf ball rope ladder game, and romanticizing about the possibilities of participating in various 5k marathons this Fall. I’d love to do a 5k, finally, but we will see. Needing to get in a bit of training before that happens.
Feel free to leave your Thankful List in the comments below, if you aren’t participating directly with the blog hop! Do you ever go out to garage sales? If so, ever find any great bargains?


  1. I love our great finds of the weekend, especially the tablet and the $20 bill in the shorts.But really, I cannot argue the toys, stuffed animals or games either. It was a great success!

    It was really a wonderful weekend, that is for sure, and I wasn't able to highlight all of my thankfuls in one list. More to come next week, I am sure! (I suppose that is what happens when you miss a couple of weeks. Tsk, tsk on me!)

    I am glad you were able to join in my family and friend festivities this weekend. On to yours next weekend!

    1. It was a decent year for garage sales, though I would have liked to go more than we did!

      Next year.. next year...

    So, you have actually done TWO posts this weekend. That's impressive!
    I can't believe you can find game cards that you don't already own. Where do you keep your ever-growing collection of games and such?
    I'm just not a garage sale person. I don't want the people to take it personally when I reject their stuff.
    Finding a $20 bill in a pair of jeans is FANTASTIC! My dad used to buy boxes of used books at auctions all the time, because he was just sure that someday, he would find one that someone stuck a $100 bill in and forgot about. Never happened.

    1. I am always somehow finding new game cards I don't own lol Currently all the gaming stuff was moved from the living room/bedroom to the "office", always whispering through the apartment, beckoning for my attention...

      I actually felt that way for a long time when I would Garage Sale. I felt like I HAD to buy something, so I'd just pick up sometimes for a quarter of fifty cents or the like. Just sometimes. Anything. Now I handle it way better and am all "Fuck your janky shit, bitches!" But not really like that lol I just trained myself into accepting and being okay with the fact that I am not obligated to purchase anything.

      Shame to hear that, but I am curious if now I should be buying loads of books solely for that purpose!

  3. I always think it's a great idea to share what you are thankful for so that you don't forget. Loved reading your list, may many more things be added to it!

    1. I agree, but I've long since fallen away from the practice. I should probably try to change that. Sooner than later :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find many things you are Thankful for in the day to day!


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