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Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Today’s Trailer Tuesday may as well be an “opening this week” post. Four of the six featured trailers are of movies (supposedly) hitting theaters this Friday. Then again, perhaps the theme is more along the lines of independent films. Some have a very “direct to DVD/Blu-Ray” feel to them, but that is generally something I’m basing more on the trailer quality than anything else.

Mixed in is a movie I think looks really good, though I may be a bit biased about the lead actor, and I’m guessing if you follow along you know which one it is. There seems to be a few gems here, but not many I would go see in the theater. Just the one.

I’ll Follow You Down (6/6/2014):

This is one that feels more like a made for TV/Direct to DVD release. Or the pilot for a new television drama. Whether this is fueled by the recognition of actors from some of my favorite television series (X-Files/Alias), or the trailer itself — or both — I don’t know. It also has Haley Joel Osment and Rufus Sewell, who I haven’t seen in a movie since The Sixth Sense and Dark City respectively. Obviously they’ve been in some, I just haven’t seen the, or recognized them or whatever.

It looks like an interesting storyline, one I didn’t original think would deal with time travel/wormholes. I look forward to checking this out if it hits Netflix/RB. For some reason IMDB lists this as being released August 5th, 2014 (yet listed as 2013), but other sites list it as being released this week. Supposedly it’s had viewings at various film festivals. It’s possible that there were plans for a theatrical release, but were later changed and released elsewhere. So I’ll Follow You Down may very well already be available.

Life Itself (??/??/2014):

I honestly don’t know much about Robert Ebert, beyond the obvious. When growing up, in regards to movie reviews, Siskel and Ebert were the only critics I had ever heard of. Then end all be all. Over the years they just faded away from my memory, until hearing about Ebert being diagnosed with cancer and the following surgeries. I love most documentaries, and Netflix does too it seem, so I’m guessing I will be able to catch this one there soon. I’m really curious about the dynamic between the two critics. You would always hear of issues/arguments erupting between them and this documentary appears to highlight some of it.

I found three release dates for this documentary, so your guess is as good as mine...

Obvious Child (6/6/2014):

This looks like a cute, indie rom-com. I’m unfamiliar with any of the actors, but the lead female actor (Jenny Slate) appears to have good chemistry with her co-star. While I won’t be seeing this in theaters, it is definitely a movie I would contemplate watching on a rainy evening, cuddling with the Ladyfolk. Though, I would do that just about any time...

The Fault in Our Stars (6/6/2015):

This is another movie being released this Friday. I bypassed the trailer for some time, mainly because I wasn’t blogging, but I’m glad I checked it out. Out of the other movies featured above, this is the one I’d like to see the most. The trailer is really well done and the actors (again, ones I’m completely unfamiliar with besides Willem Dafoe) seem to pull off solid performances. Not that I ever cry during movies… or TV shows… or TV commercials… but The Fault in Our Stars could be a real tearjerker. Damn movies messing with my emotions.

A Walk Among the Tombstones (9/19/2014):

The next two movies feature some of my favorite actors (yeah, I know, I have many), and both are prone to be typecast into similar Denzel Washington roles. Badasses. Liam Neeson is hot of the plane for some more non-stop action! He plays an ex-officer of the law, dabbling in his own brand of private detective work. It looks really good and I love the cover song featured in the trailer. If it wasn’t already known, I’m always down for watching Neeson kick some ass. I would love to see this in the theater, especially considering I missed out on, well… Non-Stop!

Left Behind (10/3/2014):

Nicolas Cage is another actor that is usually thrown into the role of Badass. I love so many of the movies he is in! The Rock, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, etc etc. Granted, lately he seems to have fallen from the grace of Hollywood. Perhaps that is why he may be playing the role of someone on a path of redemption? Honestly, I’ve no idea if that’s the case. I do know, however, that the Left Behind novel series is a very religious one. As you can tell, this one in particular focuses on the Rapture. I do believe there is a straight to DVD series or TV mini-series based on the same books.

I’m sure someone more fluent in the source material will know. They will likely also know how close the movie may follow the books based on the trailer. I read on the IMDB forums that this movie is based on only the first two chapters of the book (I’m assuming of the same name). Not only that, but with changes and some new characters. If this is true, I can imagine some fans of the books may be upset.

Despite my love for Cage, I’m leaving Left Behind… behind. At for least until Netflix/RB. I’d also prefer to see the original adaptations too, just to see how similar they are. I don’t think I will ever get around to reading the novels.

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Did you ever read/watch any Siskel & Ebert movie reviews? Are you familiar with the novel series Left Behind is based on? If so, are you excited for the new movie?

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