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Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Only two five days late. That’s not too bad. Not like my last TToT Blog Hop post still in the works. We won’t talk about that, though. We will start off with a couple of movies opening this week, followed by a mixed viewing. Hopefully there will be something that catches your eye. Next week I plan to be more on track.

Jersey Boys (6/20/2014):

I believe Christopher Walken is the only actor I know among the cast, and I’m assuming it’s a supporting role. I’ve missed out on both a handful of his latest movies and Eastwood’s recent directorial endeavors. From what I can glean from the trailers, I feel it would be a movie I’d enjoy the style in which it’s directed. A little more out of the norm than just a straightforward biography. There is little appeal for me outside of Walken, though, so it will definitely be more of a Netflix/Redbox movie for myself.

Third Person (6/20/2014):

I remember seeing this trailer a few weeks ago, but had since forgotten about it. I wanted to make sure I got it up before the movie was released. You know how I get about Liam Neeson. I think I will be happy if I can post a trailer, any trailer, he is featured in at least once a month. That seems to be about how the timing is working out! I have to say that this may be refreshing change from the current badass action flicks he has been pumping out. I like them, but it’s important to see the other acting chops these fine actors have! The cast looks really good, and I will be keeping my eye out for this one. More than likely on Netflix… Sorry Neeson...

Dinosaur 13 (8/15/2014):

Another documentary this week. This one seems equally intriguing to me, if not more so than Life Itself. Like most boys (or people? Not wanting to get in a gender-bender here) I was completely fascinated with dinosaurs when growing up. They ate my Lego people, they ate my G. I. Joes, they wreaked havoc across my makeshift landscapes. They were awesome! They are awesome! I suppose that is why I loved Jurassic Park so much. I never quite stopped loving them. I even bought Disney’s Dinosaur for the Ladyfolk’s nephew, and I haven’t even seen it — I should get on that. I notice the trailer states it’s available On Demand at the same time as the theatrical release. I notice more and more movies going this route. If it’s free, I hope to catch it on there. With my love for documentaries and dinosaurs, this sounds like a win-win to me!

Life of Crime (8/29/2014):

I like the main actors in this movie, but was disappointed because I swore it listed Ethan Hawke in the cast. I must have just glanced, because I spent the entire trailer trying to find him, and there was nothing. Upon closer inspection, after watching the trailer, I see it was John Hawkes. Who the hell is that?! Technically, I recognize him, but I have to say I was saddened. It looks like a fun, light comedy and I like Tim Robbins a lot. That being said, I feel like Jennifer Aniston has been striking out lately with movies, though perhaps We’re the Millers was really good? I have yet to see it. Either way, nothing exciting here for me, and is another movie I will watch if it randomly pops up on my Netflix listing.

The Book of Life (10/17/2014):

The first of two animated features this week. I just recently came across this trailer, and though I know nothing about it, I’m drawn into the unique art style. Or at least it’s unique to me. I’m a bit confused by the trailer. It starts out explaining about the Book of Life (or some childhood fable), and then launches into an epic journey of love and romance. I suppose it correlates… Either way, it looks interesting, but again, this is another title I will await to hit my instant streaming services to watch.

Big Hero 6 (February 2015):

I really like this teaser trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated film. It’s supposedly based on a Marvel comic (Marvel’s first animation to be theatrically released — they have many straight to DVD/Blu-Ray animations and television series), but has no ties to the current ongoing live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe. Makes sense. From the sounds of it, though, many aspects of the source material have been altered. Considering I have no knowledge of the comic, it won’t impact me. I’m curious to learn more about Big Hero 6 as it gets closer to its release date, which was originally listed as November 2014, but the trailer itself listed February 2015, so I went with that.

Did any of the highlighted trailers interest you? Are you a fan of musicals and/or biographical movies? If so, any favorites? Were you obsessed with dinosaurs as a child? What about any other specific subject, hobby, and/or passion? Are you familiar with Marvel’s Big Hero 6 comics? If so, are you looking forward to the animated movie, or hesitant due to all the changes made from the source material?


  1. I am actually SUPER surprised that you listed Third Person as a Netflix viewing. I loved Crash, and think it would have enough potential for the theater.

    As for the other non-animated movies, I agree with you about waiting to watch them via streaming.

    I agree that The Book of Life has some awesome art cinematics! It looks beautifully done. The subject matter paired with the fairy tale romance may confuse audiences. Day of the Dead is a very popular Hispanic cultural tradition and holiday. It is a point where those on earth celebrate the lives of those who past. While I love the educational opportunity, I think the topic would be better for older kids. Yet the fairy tale gears it more toward younger kids. It will be interesting to see how it does. I would see it via Netflix.

    I must say, I laughed out loud and chuckled a few times watching the Big Hero 6 trailer. I loved it, and am excited to see more trailers. For its first trailer, they have hooked me into wanting to see it in theaters. We will see if there future trailers maintain my enthusiasm.

    1. I think Third Person came and went without a peep. I'm sure it will be on Netflix soon!

      The Book of Life has some scheduling changes I think? I think they were attempting to hype it up more, because it looks so obscure. I may be wrong. Not even sure it it was released yet.

      Big Hero 6 is out now! Unfortunately we have like 2-3 movies lined up ahead of it we may not even get to.


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